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Web & Mobile Design

My approach to web design revolves around a careful balance of aesthetics, functionality, and user experience, intertwining them seamlessly to craft visually captivating and user-friendly websites. By conducting thorough research, collaborating closely with clients, and staying attuned to industry trends, I ensure that every aspect of the website's visual identity aligns with the client's brand essence while captivating the target audience.

A sleek and modern home page for USC's law school that seamlessly integrates their brand identity, important news, announcements, and useful resources for students and faculty alike.


An intuitive order checkout and mobile tracking system for a cannabis delivery company that streamlined the buying process for customers and enhanced transparency in the delivery process


A clean, yet vibrant and exciting app for magicians and fans alike, providing an immersive experience with easy navigation and engaging features.


An exciting website for a camper van rental company that showcases their inventory with easy-to-follow specs, making it a seamless experience for potential customers

Using a futuristic and sleek design, I created a website for a company that utilizes AI to revolutionize their customer rewards program. The interface is visually stunning and seamlessly integrates advanced technology.


An eye-catching color scheme and an impeccable clean design, I crafted an exciting website for a company that provides a seamless platform for people to rent out their parking spaces with ease

Through a minimalist approach and harmonious color palette, I created a visually appealing and professional Landing Page for an AI-driven distillery management system. Subtle UI elements seamlessly integrated the AI-driven features, enhancing the user experience. The result is a sleek website that combines clean design with cutting-edge technology.

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