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Brand Guidelines

From defining the brand's color palette and typography to outlining the proper use of the logo and imagery, I take a holistic approach to creating brand guidelines that provide a clear set of rules for consistent brand messaging

Mitch Thrower - Brand Guidelines_compressed-8-page-00001.jpg

A visually stunning brand guide that utilized large-scale photos and bold fonts to capture the essence of his dynamic personality and messaging

A luxurious aesthetic through a combination of clean typography and striking model imagery that exuded elegance and sophistication

CADAR - Brand Guide - v1.1-page-00001.jpg
Marketing Unboxded - Brand Guide-page-00003.jpg

Vibrant and visually engaging, utilizing clean graphics, bold colors, and large illustrations to communicate their energetic and dynamic approach to marketing

A distinctive brand guide that incorporated Jeff's iconic red glasses into the design, resulting in a cohesive and memorable visual identity that captured his unique personality and message

Jeff Wright - Brand Guidelines-page-00001.jpg

A modern and professional brand guide that showcased their expertise and attention to detail through a refined color palette, clean typography, and sophisticated imagery

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