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ZARA, a renowned high fashion company, approached me to design a fashion app that would cater to their tech-savvy customers and provide them with an enhanced shopping experience. The app, named "Trends," was envisioned to offer users the latest fashion trends, exclusive deals, and seamless browsing and purchasing options. 




"Trends" Mobile App


Mobile Design

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User Interface




As a high fashion brand, ZARA has a distinct visual identity that had to be maintained in the app. I thoroughly studied their brand guidelines, including their logo, color palette, typography, and visual elements, to ensure consistency in the app's design.

I used ZARA's signature colors, which are white, black, and red, and incorporated their logo in a subtle yet prominent manner. The typography was chosen to be sleek and modern, in line with ZARA's brand personality.

While adhering to ZARA's brand guidelines, I also introduced new design systems that would enhance the overall user experience of the app.

I incorporated intuitive navigation patterns, such as a simple and clear bottom tab bar, to allow users to easily switch between different sections of the app, including Home, Shop, Wishlist, and Profile. I also integrated a search functionality with smart filtering options to help users find the products they were looking for more efficiently.

To make the app visually engaging, I incorporated large high-quality images, showcasing the latest fashion trends, in the app's homepage and product listings. I also designed interactive product cards that provided users with essential information about each product, including price, size, and color options. To make the purchasing process seamless, I created a user-friendly checkout flow with clear steps and a visually appealing cart interface that showed the selected products and their details.

Throughout the design process, I conducted user testing with various focus groups to gather feedback and make iterative improvements. The app was received positively by the user testing groups, who praised the sleek design, intuitive navigation, and seamless purchasing process. Users found the app visually appealing and easy to use, with a smooth browsing experience that allowed them to explore the latest fashion trends effortlessly.

The smart search and filtering options were highly appreciated, as they made it convenient for users to find their desired products quickly. Overall, the positive feedback from the user testing groups validated that the design of the "Trends" app was well-received and met the needs of ZARA's target audience.