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The Bowie

As a new addition to the ever-evolving Austin skyline, The Bowie sought a modern yet timeless logo and brand feel that would capture the essence of its luxurious living experience while paying homage to the city's rich cultural heritage. This case study will delve into the creative process of designing the logo and brand feel for The Bowie, showcasing the careful balance between modernity and classic aesthetics in the final design.


The Bowie Luxury High Rise


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The Bowie approached me with a clear vision for their logo and brand feel. They wanted a design that was modern and sophisticated, appealing to urban dwellers who appreciate contemporary aesthetics. However, they also emphasized the importance of infusing a classic feel, drawing inspiration from David Bowie's innovative and timeless contributions to music.

The client wanted the logo to reflect the building's unique personality as a luxury apartment building that pays homage to David Bowie's iconic style.

To kick off the design process, I conducted thorough research on The Bowie's target audience, competitors, and David Bowie's music and style.

I studied the building's architecture and design elements that were inspired by David Bowie's iconic style, such as sleek lines, bold shapes, and a sense of avant-garde innovation. I also delved into classic design elements that conveyed sophistication and timelessness.

Equiped with research and inspiration, I brainstormed and sketched numerous logo concepts, exploring various shapes, typographic styles, and color palettes. I aimed to create a design that would capture the spirit of modernity while also exuding a classic feel that was reminiscent of David Bowie's iconic style. I experimented with different typographic treatments, incorporating sleek lines, bold shapes, and unique letterforms to create a sense of avant-garde innovation.

The final logo and brand feel for The Bowie successfully captured the desired blend of modernity and classicism, reflecting the building's unique personality and paying homage to David Bowie's iconic style. The clean typographic treatment, bold and unique letterforms, and carefully selected color palette all contributed to a design that exuded sophistication and avant-garde innovation, while also evoking a classic feel.

The logo and brand feel were successfully applied across various marketing collateral, including signage, stationery, website, and promotional materials, elevating The Bowie's brand identity and positioning it as a distinctive luxury apartment building in the Austin skyline.