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Brand Identity Interview

Thanks for choosing me for your branding design. This interview will ultimately help me (and you) learn more about your brand and what you are looking for in this logo. Developing a brand identity is one area of marketing that’s often overlooked. Because it doesn't provide direct, measurable results, it's sometimes the last thing a company wants to invest in. However, what successful companies recognize is that defining a solid brand identity helps establish the groundwork needed to pursue marketing tactics that support lead generation and customer loyalty. So, where do you begin?

The Key to Success

Starting with a clear direction is key to branding. With a clear understanding of your brand values, working with designers, copywriters, strategists, and internal teams becomes much easier.

No Need to Rush!

Remember: There’s no need to rush through answering all of these questions or even answer them all (unless required)! Your responses will ultimately determine your brand’s positioning, so this exercise should take you some time. I know that a branding project is a lot of work, and hopefully this brand and logo questionnaire helps you avoid an existential crisis. If you have any questions or need help discovering your brand, let me know! I am happy to help guide you in the right direction. Let's get started!

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   Brand Values   

This is a sentence or two that explains your brand's goals. It should also weave in some information about what your organization is and why it exists.

This is similar to your Brand Mission Statement in the previous question, only more specific to your offerings.

Does it save your customers money? Does it help them increase ROI? Think about how exactly you’re helping your target audience.

Think about your brand’s personality. How would you describe it?

Why does your brand matter? These messages should be relevant to your target audience.

How do you solve your customers ’problems? This should summa- rize why someone should buy your product or invest in your services.

   Brand Attributes   

The following questions will dive into the essence and identity of your brand. (Rate on a sliding scale - Between 1 and 5) 

13. Masculine/Neutral/Feminine
14. Simple/Intricate
15. Grey/Colorful
16. Conservative/Extravagant
17. Fun/Serious
18. Professional/Casual
19. Modern/Classic
20. Sporty/Elegant
21. Extreme/Safe

   Abstract Values   

To answer the following questions, use your imagination to think of your brand in unique situations...


Now we’re getting into the look and feel of your brand. Please visit the following link if you would like to learn about logotypes in order to answer the following questions, but don't worry if not! Feel free to let your eyes just guide you to your own preferences. These will ultimately help you narrow down your visual preferences (Also don't sweat if the brand examples aren’t your favorite logos)

35. Please choose which logo types you feel best represent your brand?*

Brand Marks.png
Abstract Marks.png
Combination Marks.png
Emblem Logos.png
Dynamic Marks.png
Wordrmark Logos.png
Lettermarks & Monograms.png

39. Do you want to upload any assets that you think will contribute to the success of your project or help explain ideas?

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