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Amuse Cannabis Delivery, a leading cannabis delivery service, wanted to create eye-catching and effective ads that would reflect their simple and iconic brand style and colors. They were seeking to boost their sales and attract new customers through their advertising campaigns.


Amuse Cannabis Delivery


Various Web and Print Ads



Type of Work





I thoroughly analyzed Amuse Cannabis Delivery's brand style and colors, which were minimalistic and iconic. I used their brand colors of purple and pink as the dominant color palette for the ads to ensure brand consistency.

I also incorporated their logo prominently in each ad to reinforce brand recognition.

My design approach focused on creating visually appealing ads that conveyed the convenience and benefits of using Amuse Cannabis Delivery's services. I utilized high-quality imagery, clean typography, and simple yet impactful messaging to highlight their fast and reliable cannabis delivery service.

The advertising campaigns I created for Amuse Cannabis Delivery were a resounding success. The simple and iconic style of the ads, combined with the consistent use of their brand colors, helped to create a strong visual impact and attract attention from potential customers. The ads were widely shared on social media, generating increased brand awareness and driving traffic to their website and online ordering platform.

The campaigns resulted in constant record sales days for Amuse Cannabis Delivery, with a significant increase in customer orders. The ads played a key role in establishing Amuse Cannabis Delivery as a trusted and reputable cannabis delivery service in the market, contributing to their continued business success even after the campaigns concluded.

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